terms & conditions

  • An advance payment of 50% of the total value must be made before starting production.

  • The advance of 50% covers the initial costs of execution of the order, as well as the reservation of the time necessary for its execution. In the event that the client or principal decides not to proceed with the order, the 50% advance payment is not refundable. The foregoing is without prejudice to the fees that accrue for the execution of the order and that exceed 50% of the value of the services already known, which will be equally demandable.


  • In case of any difference in the execution of the contract, the parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Ordinary Courts of the commune of Santiago de Chile.


  • The and cannot be used as a reference for future quotes.


  • The budget considers, each additional correction has a


  • The, aesthetic level adjustments or representation in the image can be requested, as long as they correspond to the plans delivered at the beginning of the project.



  • The process corrections are expressly to view requested by the client, and not a way to decide changes at the level of architecture and technical specifications, which can lead to an extra ordinary.


  • If you need these, they will be valued as an additional.


  • In case of need (furniture / interiors) these will be valued as an additional.


  • In case of, a penalty of 50% of the total value of the required content will be applied.


  • Delivery times are according to availability and delivery of basic material.


  • If a specific image size is required, it must be reported at the start of production.


* The values ​​contained in this document, as well as the quality of the material to be delivered are based on the standard, conditions and scope referenced on the website www.visual-arq.com and / or on Visual Arq @visual's Instagram .arq. In the event that the client or principal requires a material of quality or scope different from those indicated, Visual Arq reserves the right to modify prices.

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